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Video Lab is a program we started in January, 2023 where we regularly send short video works (anywhere from 30 sec to 5 minutes) to Synapse's monthly donors. It's designed to give our artists a way to share work in progress videos with a supportive audience and give our supporters a way to get a regular dose of art in their inbox!

At least once a month, we'll be sharing videos with special content not available to the general public, as well as opportunities to engage in conversation around these works. We'll send these videos directly to our monthly donors via email: each email will contain links to the videos and notes about how to offer feedback and engage further with the art inside.

Monthly donors create big change with small steps!When you give monthly, you provide stability that allows our artists and students to do their best work.
It’s quick, easy, and ensures that Synapse can support artists, students, and audiences all year round.

Visit our Vimeo Showcase and enter the passcode to access all the VideoLab episodes!

You can find the passcode in a VideoLab email or by emailing

Click here to visit the

VideoLab Showcase on Vimeo

Signing up is easy!

- make a donation that repeats monthly -

- receive an email each time we send a new video -

- respond to the artist's prompts if you wish -

- enjoy! -

To make a repeating monthly donation,
visit our donation page, choose the amount you want to donate each month (any amount counts!)
and choose "monthly" as your donation frequency.

You'll receive an email welcoming you to the Video Lab program with the passcode to view our Vimeo showcase, as well as an email notification each time we post a new video.